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While posts in my Blog section are all written by me, posts in this section were written by either:

  • Co-Authors, who helped me write the post, or
  • Guest Authors, who wrote the post independently.

I still personally review and edit every guest post I publish! If you're interested in guesting posting or co-authoring a post with me, feel free to get in touch.

The Best Programming Languages for Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Guest Post by Owen Leeks

A survey of the best programming languages for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


An Introduction to Python's Collections module


Guest Post by Pankaj Kumar

An overview of 5 important container objects from the collections module.


The Best Tools for Finding, Hiring, and Collaborating with Freelancers

Best Practices

Guest Post by Courtney Rosenfeld

If you’re looking to add freelance and remote workers to your team, these are the top tools to invest in.


Easy Visual Question Answering

Machine Learning

Co-Authored by Phillip Wang

A gentle introduction to Visual Question Answering (VQA) using neural networks.